About us

Welcome to the Website of WIROBSKI + RATHJE – Business Consultants

WIROBSKI + RATHJE comprises a group of seasoned professionals with hands on experience in various fields of Consulting, Finance, Investment Banking, Law and Trading.

W+R Qualifications

W+R's business includes a broad range of consulting services for small and mid cap enterprises and an advisory practice aimed at larger individual projects and targeting a more visible client group. While the first set of activities is publicly offered and advertised, our whole- sale- practice operates strictly private and mostly covert. Focus and scope of our small and mid cap consultancy are described in greater detail in the German language section of our homepage. Recognizing the complex nature of most of our larger projects, our whole- sale- practice serves as a platform for specialist ad- hoc- teams, which are usually headed by one of our resident principals and whose composition is custom tailored on a case by case basis. For a firm of our size we offer an unusual degree of expertise and track record. Two of our principals look back at careers in investment banking, corporate finance and advisory. They have worked on public and non public mandate assignments from G 8 and G 20 governments as well as various Fortune 500 and other multinational enterprises. Accordingly we can rely on proven craftsmanship where others aspire to acquire same. We know that there is no room for error from experience rather than from hearsay. Our whole- sale- practice is organized as a separate legal entity under the roof of W+R Ltd. Accordingly whole sale assignments are entirely ring fenced from our mid- cap- practice, assuring inter alia complete confidentiality of all information acquired in the course of our wholesale work, providing absolute client and project secrecy, if and where desired. 

Professional Profiles of our Founders

Jürgen Wirobski

Born in 1950 and trained as an economist he turned to Management and Business Consulting after professional careers in the German Military and as an entrepreneur. In consultancy he started out at a large international audit and professional services firm, where he spent more than six years holding regional and line responsibilities. His key focus includes systems analysis, managerial leadership assessment and development, marketing and communications, as well as coaching and the moderating change management situations.

Certified trainer for Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile and Coaching.

Ina Lisa Rathje

Born in 1956, she is a trained banker, with multiyear experience abroad and at home in domestic and international banking. Her work with large accounts, particularly with large corporate, focused on credit markets and general advisory. Thereafter she held senior managerial positions in finance, controlling and IT in German industry.

As a Certified Credit Analyst, Ina Lisa Rathje is familiar with credit related bank regulation (Basel II&III) and with credit rating issues.

Network partner

Joachim Kudoweh

Born in 1956, he is a Lawyer with a wide range of clients. His office is situated in Hamburg. He is a Member of a number of national and international associations. His scope of experience encompasses the negotiation and preparation of a wide range of agreements incl. Business purchases and takeovers as well as Patent and Trademark registrations.

Leo Benjas

Born in 1946, he is a merchant and communications expert. He manages a wide range international network of specialists, politicians, and corporations. Through his many connections he is a sought after business man, with a profound knowledge of the Russian language and culture. His strength is to identify potential business opportunities in a win-win situation. He has been representing WIROBSKi + PARTNER for more than 10 Years from his office in Berlin.